Rick Wilson Was Right.

Given how raw my emotions are, I will post this a bit late, but GOP strategits and Never Trumper Rick Wilson was correct:  ignore anecdotal stories on voter turnout.  Or I should say that I was premature in posting about “high voter turnout” in Kentucky, especially in my home area.  This has happened to me twice, and I vow I will never do it again.

More than 291,000 voters cast ballots in Jefferson County on Tuesday, resulting in an unofficial turnout rate of 48.7 percent, according to the Jefferson County Clerk's Office.

The clerk's office had predicted 44 percent of the county's 598,335 registered voters would participate in Tuesday's election.

Um, the local Board of Elections was predicting 60% voter turnout on the local news.  

And that higher voter turnout in other parts of Kentucky that the NPR affiliates were reporting?

State officials had predicted 47 percent of the approximately 3.4 million Kentucky voters would cast ballots Tuesday….

And what did we get?

In Kentucky, more than 1.6 million voters cast ballots Tuesday, according to the State Board of Elections. That translated to a an unofficial turnout rate of 47.4 percent.

Yeah, it was higher than 2014 which was only 45.9%, but it aint’ saying much.  

The rest of you might have experienced higher voter turnout in other states, but it was a mirage in Kentucky.  This happened to me once before in 2016 here in KY.  Fool me twice.

Better to just wait for the official returns to come in.