Rick Wilson Levels His Word Cannon at Bloomberg and Steyer.

Never Trump Republican Rick Wilson has a way with words (especially salty ones) and he let some fly at the vanity campaigns of Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer and their efforts to derail progressive Democrats and re-elect Trump.

As per usual I will paste his first tweet, in case you want to follow the comments, and then provide the a Twitter Thread Reader unroll for easy reading:

“1/ If you want to point a finger at two men with absolute certainty of guilt when Trump gets re-elected by Bloomberg and Tom Steyer.

I can’t explain to you even a tenth of their resources would do to alter the battlefield in this campaign. 

2/ If they really cared about defeating Trump both of those men would be up on the fucking air right now with a massive tv and digital campaign nuking the living shit out of him in the 15 swing States.

But no. They have to jerk themselves off in public. 

3/ In my new book Running Against the Devil I talked about the danger of third party and vanity candidates in an equation where the forces arrayed against Trump cannot afford to lose a single vote.

The groups these men fund on the outside currently will be put to their service. 

4/ And honestly, Steyer rankles me more than Bloomberg and some ways. Mike at least made a fuck ton of money and was Mayor.

There is no Democratic party leadership that can stop these two men but if there was Tom Perez would be bringing down the wrath of God. 

5/ they’re popping corks in Trump headquarters right now.” 

The thing I don’t get is- where do these to egoists think the votes to nominate them are gonna come from?

If their goal is to stop Warren or Sanders, as most seem to think… again, who is gonna vote for either one of these two?

If they are setting up runs as independents, I don’t think they will siphon many votes from the Dem nominee.

What do you think?

  • November 7, 2019
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