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Rick Scott's grandchildren won't attend the schools that he wants to open for your kid.

 I’m not sure that this story from Florida Politics will go mainstream. It is yet another example of GOP hypocrisy and should have a spotlight on it.

Florida’s junior senator has stated that his grandkids will be safe ‘distance learning’ while other students, teachers, essential workers are forced by the state to risk their lives for a bump in Trump’s poll numbers.

A. G. Gancarski eviscerates Scott and DeathSantis:

On Tuesday’s edition of Varney and Co.. on the Fox Business Network, the first-term Senator from Naples said that while parents should have “choice,” that choice should include distance learning in addition to five days in brick and mortar buildings.

“My daughters are going to be more focused on distance learning right now to make sure their children are safe,” Scott told Varney. “Other parents are going to want to make sure their kids are in the classroom.”

Scott said that parents have their own reasons for sending their kids to school, such as free lunches.

“Some [parents] are going to do it because it’s a way for students to get a subsidized meal, things like that,” Scott said.

The Senator was sure to praise the state’s Education Commissioner, Richard Corcoran, who roiled parents statewide when he ordered schools to open five days when the new school year begins.

Rick Scott states that if his children were school-age, he would have no problem sending them into a school building. He’s something else.