Rick Scott is 2nd Republican Senator to Test Positive for Covid-19 Complicating McConnell's Plans


— Rick Scott (@SenRickScott) November 20, 2020

Florida Senator Rick Scott joins Chuck Grassley on the sick list of  Senators out with Covid-19 and unable for the moment to assist Trump and Mitch McConnell in further damaging the US government. 

Scott, who is 67, is at risk because of his age, but he is 20 years younger than Grassley.


Scott, who is the chairman of the Senate Republicans' campaign arm, had campaigned last week with Republican Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler who are both facing January runoff races for reelection in Georgia. Scott announced last Saturday that he had been possibly exposed to the virus and that he would isolate while awaiting test results.

The current Senate division is 53 Republicans and 47 aligned with the Democrats. Having won the special election in Arizona, Mark Kelly can bring that number to 48 once his victory is certified and he is sworn in. With two Senators out, McConnell may find it harder to secure the approval of controversial lame-duck appointments made by Trump to the judiciary or various federal boards.