As some of you might have read, it was reported overnight that the dotard, on a private call to Republican Congress critters, asserted that the perfectly illegal phone conversation that he had with Ukrainian President Zelensky was actually made at the behest of his energy Secretary Rick Perry… about a Ukrainian liquefied natural gas plant.

We all know that that is a lie, but I’ll bet Trump will try to sell it, as will his minions in Congress- because the truth is getting him impeached.

Be that as it may The Ap is reporting that Perry was not in Ukraine about one plant, but trying to change the leadership at Ukrainian gas giant Naftogaz into a more Trump/Perry friendly enterprise group.

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — As Rudy Giuliani was pushing Ukrainian officials last spring to investigate one of Donald Trump’s main political rivals, a group of individuals with ties to the president and his personal lawyer were also active in the former Soviet republic.

Their aims were profit, not politics. This circle of businessmen and Republican donors touted connections to Giuliani and Trump while trying to install new management at the top of Ukraine’s massive state gas company. Their plan was to then steer lucrative contracts to companies controlled by Trump allies, according to two people with knowledge of their plans.

Their plan hit a snag after Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko lost his reelection bid to Volodymyr Zelenskiy, whose conversation with Trump about former Vice President Joe Biden is now at the center of the House impeachment inquiry of Trump.

But the effort to install a friendlier management team at the helm of the gas company, Naftogaz, would soon be taken up with Ukraine’s new president by U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry, whose slate of candidates included a fellow Texan who is one of Perry’s past political donors.”

The article stresses that what Perry was doing is not exactly illegal, but the board members of Naftogaz are supposed to be chosen by the Ukrainian cabinet and approved by the Ukrainian President, the Eu, and the IMF, as well as the U.S., and cabinet members there felt that Perry and Trump were trying to circumvent this process.

Rudy claims that he was too busy Rat-fucking Joe Biden to be involved in this adventure but he is Rudy so…

In the coming days I expect the GOP amen choir to say the call was, despite all evidence, about gas all along and it’s just more of Trump’s sleazy business dealings and…the Dems are gonna impeach over that?

Probably a Putin suggestion.

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