We all cheered Fox News’ Chris Wallace when he challenged Trump’s fusillade of bullshit in a recent interview. Well, it turns out veteran journalist Barbara Walters showed us the way long ago — when Trump was just a buffoon and not a dangerous, potentially world-ending buffoon.

This is uber-satisfying, and you simply must watch. 



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TRUMP: “I’ve never seen press reporting as I have with regard to me, and I hope the general public understands how inherently dishonest the press in this country is.”

WALTERS: “As a member of the press let me try to clear up some of the things that you say aren’t true. ‘My bankers and I worked out a terrific deal that allows me to come out stronger than ever. I see the deal as a great victory.’ Being on the verge of bankruptcy, being bailed out by the banks? [Crosstalk] Skating on thin ice and almost drowning? That’s a businessman to be admired?”

TRUMP: “You say on the verge of bankruptcy, Barbara, and you talk on the verge and you listen to what people say …”

WALTERS: “I talked to your bankers.”

TRUMP: Well, that’s fine. And what did they say? I mean, you know, depending on which banker you’re talking to, what did they say?

WALTERS: “Several.”


TRUMP: “Well, I don’t know what the bankers have said. The Plaza is a very valuable property. Everybody told me, oh, you paid too much, you paid too much, now they’re all saying what a great deal he made on the Plaza.”

WALTERS: “No they’re not.”

The entire interview is here, in case you have the time and/or inclination and/or ability to control your gag reflex:

Simply delicious. And yet we elected this guy. (And by “we” I mean a bunch of fucking morons I can barely stand to look at anymore.)

Of course, Trump was lying. He actually ended up taking an $83 million bath on the Plaza Hotel, but the truth has always been wholly irrelevant to this guy. 

Also, it’s interesting to see him, 30 years ago, bitterly complaining about the press. The difference now is that the press is rarely able to pin him down in real time.

That’s what made the Wallace interview so gratifying, and why you owe it to yourself to watch Walters dig her talons into the dipshit’s seamy underbelly.


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