Republicans Want It Both Ways on the ACA: Destroy It Without Getting the Blame.

According to Republicans, pay not attention to that crazy Texas judge behind the curtain who ruled that the ACA was invalid.

In an appearance on “Meet the Press,” Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) — who like every Republican senator voted for the tax bill that stripped away Obamacare’s penalty for qualified individuals who didn’t buy health insurance — emphasized that District Judge Reed O’Connor’s decision wouldn’t take effect immediately…

“As a doctor, people say to me, ‘What does this mean to me?’ And for right now, very little,” he continued. “If you’re getting treatment, if you have a preexisting condition, if you signed up for Obamacare on this recent sign-up period, it doesn’t change a thing.”

Any Supreme Court decision on O’Connor’s ruling, Barrasso stressed, “may be several years” away.

Translation:  I want to kill the ACA, but I do not want to be held accountable for millions losing their health insurance coverage.  So relax you worry warts!

This is the Republican strategy on the ACA and healthcare.  Destroy the ACA, but do not be seen stripping millions of little things like pre-existing medial conditions protections.  

You see we had the ACA pushed by that black spawn of the Devil, so Republicans have to destroy the ACA to placate their racist base.  The only problem is that a bunch of their racist base also benefitted from what Obama accomplished with the ACA.  And while people may not credit Obama with getting some health insurance coverage, they will remember who took their healthcare coverage away.

However, Republicans had to have vote after vote to repeal the ACA.  Ideally, the ACA should have been destroyed WHILE OBAMA WAS IN OFFICE.  Once Obama left office, it became harder to destroy the ACA, but it could be done IF Democrats were dumb enough to give them bipartisan cover with repeal efforts.  It would only take a few Democrats in the U.S. Senate to give Republicans the cover to take healthcare coverage away from millions.

This is where the Democratic base stepped in and told any Democrat dumb enough to vote for repeal, “You are dead meat come election time.”  

Amazingly, Democrats got the message and stopped running from the ACA.  Republicans were on their own.  Now, Republicans got the tax bill to kill the individual mandate, and they got a bunch of crazy state attorney generals to file suit against the ACA — again.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the midterms.  Republicans lost the House, and one of the big factors in this was the issue of healthcare.  And I’m betting that Senate Republicans are getting cold feet about killing the ACA.  Barrasso just won reelection in 2018, but he sure sounds like a guy who doesn’t want to lose the power he has in the majority come 2020.

Republicans will continue to badmouth the ACA.  And they will continue to promise that they have something better to offer.  Eventually.  Someday.  When the Universe collapses in on itself.

But Republicans do not want to be held solely responsible for taking healthcare away from millions, at least for now.