Sadly too many Americans allow the con from Republicans on spending. Ali Velshi exposes what is hidden in plain sight that should give us pause.

Ali Velshi exposes Republicans, Mitch McConnell

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The House of Representatives passed the COVID-19 relief bill.

The House passed its $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill early Saturday, sending the massive proposal to the Senate as Democrats rush to approve more aid before unemployment programs expire.

It is the first major legislative initiative for President Joe Biden. The House approved it in a 219-212 mostly party line vote, as two Democrats joined all Republicans in opposing it.

Senators will start considering the pandemic assistance plan next week. Lawmakers will offer amendments, and the chamber will likely pass a different version of the bill, meaning the House would have to pass the Senate’s plan or the chambers would have to craft a final proposal in a conference committee.


The bill includes the following.

  • Payments of $1,400 to most individuals.
  • A $400 per week unemployment supplement through Aug. 29.
  • An expansion of the child tax credit to give families up to $3,600 per child over a year
  • $20 billion for Covid-19 vaccine distribution and $50 billion for testing and tracing efforts
  • $350 billion in state, local and tribal government relief
  • $25 billion for assistance in covering rent payments
  • $170 billion for K-12 schools and higher education institutions to cover reopening costs and aid to students
  • A $15 per hour federal minimum wage

Republicans raved about the bill being too big. While opposing the bill, Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy claims the bill gave out a lot of money not associated with COVID-19.

The bill helps everyone who needs help irrespective of party or ideology. The bill is very popular with all Americans. The question is, why do Republicans feel so secure in opposing the bill unanimously. They are using carnal tactics that have their voters believing that they are hurt by policies that help all people.

It is deeper than Thomas Frank’s “What’s the Matter with Kansas?,” where he spoke about why progressives cannot reach Red America. Even though progressive policies are much more beneficial to them than those offered by the Republicans, they vote for the GOP year after year.

Heather McGhee’s new book, “The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together,” has the answer. She not only describes the problem but gives solutions. In her interview with Ali Velshi, she conveyed that racism, and to some extent, nationalism, hurts everyone. Republicans have channeled false fears to transfer all Americans’ wealth, including their own supporters, to their wealthy benefactors. Books like hers and others and those willing to engage are what we need to get out of our downward spiral as difficult as it is.

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  • February 27, 2021