Republicans just love saying the quiet part out loud

You might think the really crazy tweet in this thread is the first one — in which an Alabama representative says his state is great because no one bows and scrapes before our ocher overlord as consistently and abjectly as his fellow ’Bamans.

But you’d be wrong. Second tweet, if you please.


This guy happens to be David Bossie, chair of the Maryland delegation. (Then again … middle-aged white man who secretly pines for segregation? That could be just about anyone in the GOP.) And he most definitely said the quiet part out loud here.

BOSSIE: “Maryland is home of the Underground Railroad and two of our greatest segregat … uh, uh, abolitionists.”


Oh, also, Donald Trump’s diaper leaked early this morning and immediately took tweet form:



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Yes, when you want to draw attention to an event, it’s always best to schedule it early on a Monday morning during a high-profile House hearing. Well done, sir. Your instincts are stellar, as always.

And, yes, it is unfair. The Republican Party is up against a pandemic that was criminally mishandled by a Republican president, leading to tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths, and also a minor editorial decision to cover the news instead of some rote pap that no one cares about.

File it under “tough shit, nut butler.”

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