Republicans jumping off the ship, stop being punked by Trump. Will it be a landslide?

The exodus of people who know Trump intimately are leaving Trump and speaking up. The climate is there for a Democratic landslide they work it.

The atmosphere for a landslide is there.

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  • The press is asking the wrong question. The polls show Donald Trump is losing big, yet they are allowing Donald Trump to set the narrative of a mail-in vote stolen election.
  • Joe Biden needs to answer the question about their rally styles differently. Biden simply says his rallies are dangerous. He needs to point out that Trump keeps his distance and is tested often why killing a percentage of the attendees of his rallies.
  • Olivia Troye, a woman who worked for Mike Pence left the administration and gave a characterization of Donald Trump that was true to form.
  • Former Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele urges Americans not to get punked again.
  • The atmosphere for a Progressive win, a landslide is present.
  • Trump’s callousness on COVID-19 deaths tells much about his character.

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