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Republicans hate the RNC's new mandatory, shady fundraising tool. Guess who profits off it?

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Thursday kicked off the House Republicans’ annual retreat, and featured a compulsory presentation on the GOP’s answer to ActBlue, the grassroots small-donor fundraising platform that Democrats have been using for well over a decade. It did not go well at all, according to Politico. House Republicans openly argued with Trump and Republican National Committee political operatives over the Jared Kushner-pushed initiative.

The new tool is called WinRed, and it was initially released in June. To say that it is problem-plagued would be an understatement. Suffice it to say that it is the antithesis of ActBlue—in more ways than one. Despite the obvious, that it’s a tool designed to help conservative candidates, the GOP’s new tool is:

  • convoluted to use.
  • for-profit (whereas ActBlue is nonprofit).
  • secretive about how donors’ data will be used.
  • being forced upon candidates to use through “veiled threats.”
  • can take quite a large percentage of whatever donation is given.
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