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Republicans Could Be About To Self Destruct

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They could be on the verge of actually creating a third party through sheer stupidity.

If they dump Trump at the convention he will for sure run as a third candidate in the general election, out of sheer spite if nothing else. They should know that a spoilt brat will throw all the toys out of the pram.

The other danger is that around 40% of their party is totally on the rampage and given Trump’s stance could organize on a local level to run against their own as a third party.

Whilst this would actually increase democracy in the US it would be a disaster of epic proportions for the GOP.

Many here throw up their hands in horror at anyone that even dares hint at breaking the two party monopoly. However, I would like to add that many successful countries with smaller populations than many individual States do just fine. Trump could set the precedent at a national level especially if some down ballot elections go their way, whilst he is vile it may rattle the two parties enough that they change their ways. Ha.

Just note this is how things proceeded in other countries, by people breaking away.

Imagine if some billionaire does the same thing to the Democratic Party next time around and if they continue with the Debbie’s [Wasserman Schultz] of this world they would leave themselves wide open to such a maneuver.

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