Quite a few republicans are whining that the Tangerine Tyrant has damaged his legacy.


  • Trillions in tax cuts for the wealthy both corporate and private, pennies for the poorest.
  • Praising racists and authoritarians for four years.
  • Building America’s picket fence on the Mexican border, he only needed it to be painted white.
  • Snuggling up to Authoritarian leaders globally whilst attacking democratic allies verbally.
  • His fault in hundreds of thousand of American Deaths by calling it a hoax and a flu.
  • A lousy vaccine rollout worrying only about his own hurt.
  • Incitement to attack America Congress, physically.

Even these few “highlights” are stunning achievements in themselves.

Every Republican was complicit in this disaster and are in significant part to blame.

His legacy?

Give me a break.

The worst President in history,

Leading the worst Republican Party in history.

  • January 7, 2021