Republicans and “Political Capital.”

Give Republicans a victory, and they think they  have “political capital” to gut the social safety net.  Crooks and Liars has this link to the latest version of the Tigerbeat on the Potomac with regards Trump’s latest efforts to eliminate the ACA.  Appears that Trump is feeling like Tony the Tiger! about the Barr Opinion, and Graham is feeding Trump’s delusions about his power.  Trump has decided to go with the rightwing nut job Texas judge who ruled that the ACA is unconstitutional and should be thrown out.  

District Judge Reed O’Conner’s ruling against the ACA wil be appealed, but Trump and his lackey at the DOJ, William Barr, are siding with O’Conner.  Whether or not this is upheld, I have no idea.  Regardless, Trump is back on the record wanting to take healthcare away from tens of millions of people.  Again.  With no replacement plan.

W. thought he had political capital too after his 2004 election (not reelection in my opinion).  What did W. do out of the starting gate in his second term?  He proposed destroying Social Security.  W. thought he had the political capital to eliminate Social Security, and his plan went bust. 

Republicans wanted to then and still  want to now to destroy Social Security, but they want Democratic accomplices to spread the blame around.   And when the public found out that privatization meant people could take their own money and lose it in the market WITHOUT any protections, the voters soured on W.’s scheme.  Even some of the worst corporate “Democrats” didn’t go for W.’s Social Security scheme.  And without accomplices, Republicans got frost bite in their toes.  W.’s political capital disappeared like all of the investments into his failed businesses.

Democrats should be helping Trump spend his so called political capital.