Republican who challenged AOC's Capitol riot story is fundraising off her B.S.

This is why they lie. Because they get away with it—and it works.

GOP Rep. Nancy Mace, who earlier this week questioned Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s personal account of the Capitol insurrection, is now soliciting funds based on her lies.

Now, the coup attempt that we all saw with our own rheumy eyeballs occurred exactly one month ago today. And now Republicans—Republicans!—are using the same riot that many of them facilitated to fundraise. Because of course they are.

First, let’s clear up the latest manufactured AOC outrage. This has been explained elsewhere, but it’s important to have the proper context. 

On Thursday, after Ocasio-Cortez had claimed she was frightened after hearing a man outside her office during the riot, Mace tweeted, “I'm two doors down from @aoc and no insurrectionists stormed our hallway.”

Ocasio-Cortez's response to Mace noted that Mace told a newspaper in January that she had barricaded herself in her office during the attack.

Which prompted Mace to tweet this:


CNN’s Daniel Dale did a thorough fact-check of Mace’s misleading claim:

Ocasio-Cortez never said that insurrectionists were in their hallway. Rather, in Ocasio-Cortez's telling of the story on Instagram, she said she had been scared that day by a man in her office she had thought was a rioter but turned out to be a Capitol Police officer. She said the officer had not initially identified himself as a member of law enforcement, had been shouting, “Where is she?” and had looked at her “with a tremendous amount of anger and hostility.”

Mace might have been confused because some journalists' initial tweets about Ocasio-Cortez's Instagram story did not correctly convey what Ocasio-Cortez had said about the police officer she had thought was a rioter. But there is no basis to suggest Ocasio-Cortez claimed an actual rioter had been near her in the Cannon building. (Ocasio-Cortez's accusations about the officer's behavior have not been verified.)

So AOC wasn’t lying. At worst she was misunderstood. It would have been fine, I guess, if Mace had owned up and acknowledged that.

But no. That ain’t how the GOP rolls.


— Daniel Dale (@ddale8) February 6, 2021


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When the Capitol was stormed on January 6th — it was terrifying.

The actions of the out-of-control mob who forced their way into the Capitol were immediately condemned by the left and the right.

But since that day, the left has run wild because they will never let a crisis go to waste to push their radical agenda — especially Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Earlier this week, she said she feared for her life. She compared it to sexual assault. She claimed Senators were responsible for “trying to have her murdered” that day.

And then the reports came out that she wasn’t in the Capitol during the riot.

She was two doors down the hall from me. And I know firsthand, there were never insurrectionists in our hallway.

Now, I will not discount the fear of any member of Congress on that day. And I too have shared my horrible experience on January 6th. It was a dark day in our nation’s history. But unlike AOC, I deal in facts, not fiction. And the fact is: she was safe in her office.

This ‘never let a good crisis go to waste’ hyper-partisan talk is part of the reason Washington can’t come together for the people anymore.

AOC doesn’t want to find common ground. She wants to further divide Americans.

That’s exactly what she did with her divisive comments about the Capitol riot. And that’s what she continues to do by going after me for pointing out the simple truth that never was there ever a rioter in our hallway.

“Never was there ever a rioter …”? Is Mace playing late-night drinking games with the people who write her fundraising letters?

Of course, it’s a little ironic that Ocasio-Cortez is the only person Mace is attempting to hold accountable in the wake of the riot. She voted against impeaching the Abominable Showman, after all. 

And “they will never let a crisis go”? Good God, a Trump-incited mob tried to shiv our republic a month ago. Maybe they needed to storm one of our lesser-known embassies. Then we could have kept talking about it for the next eight years at least … with the full blessing of the GQP.

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