Republican Voter Fraud in Georgia – Republican projection down the line


This will be short because the story (I am hoping very much) will be evolving throughout the day and the next week.  Josh Marshall at Talking Points memo points to blatant Republican voter fraud on the Georgia-Florida border (probably beyond). The Republican party in Florida is encouraging people in Florida to re-register in Georgia at the residences of friends and relatives so that they can vote in the run-off. This seems to be pretty widespread. One person got caught and of course went to his Republican bag of lies. Remember the Black woman in Texas who got five years for mistakenly hurting the sanctity of voting.. I wonder if this guy will even get a fine.

But you also have to wonder how long the Republican party has been doing this — the other way. Elections in Florida have always been incredibly close. How many Republicans from Georgia and from the states along the panhandle have been double registering in Florida? The panhandle votes always come in late.  It would answer a lot of questions. Yet another explosion in 2020. Is there going to be anything left of our democracy

  • December 3, 2020