Republican to Right-Wing ‘pro-lifers’: Healthcare is a right

I was pleasantly surprised to hear a Conservative Republican realize that claiming one is pro-life and healthcare, not a right is mutually exclusive.

Healthcare is a right

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Rick Tyler appeared on MSNBC discussing many issues, including some related to Republicans rush to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. He had his standard Right of Center-Right monology.

Cecile Richards pointed out that five days after the election, the Supreme Court will take up the case to overturn the Affordable Care Act.

“The Healthcare of 20 million people is at risk,” Cecile Richards said. “That is what is on the mind of the American voter.”

She made it clear that the Justice fight will motivate women, people of color, and young people. They know their well-being is at risk. Following her statement, Tyler made some comments but then it was clear he went off his talking points.

“Let me make an argument here very quickly about a pro-life argument for the healthcare act that was just mentioned, the ACA” Tyler said. “Taking away pre-existing conditions, in my view, as someone who is 'pro-life', is wrong because if life is to be viable, then protecting life is valuable. This means pre-existing conditions that you have to protect and maintain life if you are truly going to be pro-life.

Great sentiment. But to cure the hypocrisy, one must go deeper. It is time to destroy the prison industrial complex. It is time to stop starving kids with draconian food stamp cuts. Drop support of the death penalty.

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