Republican: This is not a political party anymore. It is an authoritarian band of thugs.

Mehdi Hasan exposed the GOP for what it has become. But Jennifer Rubin most clearly defines them as the authoritarian band of thugs they are.

Authoritarian band of thugs

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Mehdi Hasan had a warning for Joe Biden, hoping he would not succumb to the false bipartisanship that Republicans are clear to seek now that they have lost the presidency. He pointed out that the current Republican cabal was made up of a bunch of enablers. And as such, the following statement is prescient.

“We should not buy into this Joe Biden line that they will have an epiphany after he is gone,” Hasan said. “This is who they are. We call them the GOP. There is nothing grand. There is a new study out today out of Sweden that says there are more authoritarian or as authoritarian as the Hungarian Party government of Viktor Orban as the Turkish government.”

Jennifer Rubin was less kind.

“This is the exact game plan of a group, who doesn’t have a message, doesn’t have a majority,” Rubin said. “They are part of a diminishing demographic. And so do what people who can’t win in a democracy do and that is they become authoritarian.  They begin to undermine democracy. That’s their only hope. That is what voter suppression is all about. That is what disinformation is about. That is what the attack on our institution is all about. Then you slowly, slowly increase power by simply running over the lines of democracy. And you intimidate, bully people. And this is how a nonrepresentative minority stays in power.”

Later in the same interview, she referred to the GOP as an authoritarian band of thugs.

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  • November 15, 2020
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