Republican Stuart Stevens on Trump: “He is a blithering idiot.”

Stuart Stevens appeared on All In with Chris Hayes and said out loud what many Republicans and other Trump voters have got to be thinking.

Stuart Stevens: You can't care for America & want Trump

Watch the full episode here.

Stuart Stevens, former Mitt Romney strategist, GOP operative, and author of the book “It Was All a Lie: How the Republican Party Became Donald Trump” did not mince his words.

“It's still just unbelievable this man is president of the United States,” Stevens said. “He's a guy that really you wouldn't want to sit next to in a long plane flight. Just across the board, he's an idiot.”

Yes. he said that. But Stuart Stevens was not done.

“This is why people are always trying to give Trump this idea that well you know he's doing this fourth-dimensional chess or fifth-dimensional chess or tenth-dimensional chess because otherwise you just have to come to grips with the fact he's a blithering idiot,” Stevens continued. “But he's a blithering idiot. He can't even carry on a conversation about current events of which god forbid, he is at the center of those events. I don't really see how as an American to get Republican, Democrat, whatever, how if you really care about America you can honestly say the country is in good hands with this person as president of the United States. It's inconceivable to me.”

Could anyone have said it any better? I think not.

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