Does it strike anyone as just bizarre or fantastical that Republicans have compiled a spreadsheet of what they think Democrats are going to investigate about the Trump Administration if Democrats retake the House this fall?  Let’s pause for moment.  You only make an Excel or Google spreadsheet when you have multiple data entries.  A few data points can be done by entering a table in some Word document.  However, according to Trump’s fellow Republicans, Trump has given the Democrats at least 100 possible investigations to pursue!

Some of this is probably Republican hyperbole, but some of it ain’t.

But my point is that in any other presidential administration, having several congressional investigation would be BAD.  And I mean investigations you can count on one hand.  Remember how much fun Republicans have had with Benghazi and Clinton’s emails?  Every day was about an attack in Libya and some emails.  

But Trump is so toxic and corrupt that he has given Democrats plenty of fodder for congressional investigations to ramp up.  In fact, even the pundits are arguing over which investigations the Democrats should prioritize because there are only so many hours in a day.

But think about it.  A spreadsheet of possible Trump investigations!  I agree with some of the talking heads that Democrats should look at Puerto Rico and family separation as priorities.  People have been killed and child abuse has become a government policy under Trump.

But one thing Democrats should do if Mueller hasn’t already is get a hold of Trump’s tax returns.  I believe that is within the power of congressional investigators.  

But the shear size of Trump’s corruption should be mind blowing to us all.  Nixon cheated on his taxes, violated campaign finance laws, and broke into Democratic Headquarters.  It was all wrapped up in Watergate.  Reagan had Iran-Contra. We thought we had seen it all with George W. Bush — the Iraq War, Hurricane Katrina, government sponsored torture, and the outing of a CIA agent.  

Nothing compared to the Swamp Thing Trump.


  • August 28, 2018