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Republican Senators Should Heed the Lesson of the Communists Under Stalin.

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Stalin had this nasty little trick he played on those who supported the Russian Revolution and were part of the political establishment.  Stalin would single out a faction of the original revolutionaries — the socialists for starters — and accuse them of being traitors and counter-revolutionaries.  The diehard communists turned on socialists because, well, they were not true communists, and it was also a way to curry favor with Stalin who was developing a cult of personality around himself.  After killing off the socialists, Stalin would proceed to the next group in the Communist Party who he felt was disloyal.  If I am not mistaken, this was a group of Mensheviks, and all the other communists would gang up on the Mensheviks at Stalin’s bidding.  This process went on and on.  The only constant was that Stalin was always finding enemies and killing them off with the help of others who sought to placate Stalin.

I’m reminded of this horrible process of elimination by the recent events surrounding Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the death of Senator John McCain.

Supposedly, Republican Senators told Trump earlier that if he fired Jeff Sessions they would not hold any hearings on replacing Sessions.  Because Sessions had some friends in the Senate and was a former Senator, he had a political base of support.  Being a former Senator used to buy you some gravitas or deference.  You were a member of an elite club, and the members have to stick together, ESPECIALLY if they were members of the same party.

However, Senators Graham and Grassley have told Sessions publicly, “Start packing your things.”  This is being done to protect Trump from Mueller.  Obviously, once Sessions is gone, his replacement will fire Mueller.  Thus, the Russia investigation ends.

Or so the theory goes.

Yeah, Sessions is an evil, racist Keebler elf, but he is all that stands between Trump and Rosenstein.  It is beyond revolting that Americans who are not insane Trump supporters have to rely upon Sessions for — I can’t believe I’m writing this — the rule of law.  A guy who likes putting kids in cages is one of our defenses from Trump.

Then, there is Trump’s treatment of Senator McCain.  Do I need to list all the abuse that Trump has heaped on McCain since 2016?   I didn’t think so.

While Trump has not killed any current or former Republican Senators, it sure does look like he wants to end some of their political careers.  And if Trump is willing to stick the political knife into Sessions and McCain, what makes the other cowardly Republican Senators think they will not be next? I just hope that I live to see the day when Graham and Grassley suffer from the Trump touch of death.  

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