There is an old saying about politicians.  “If you can’t take someone’s money, screw their women, and drink their whiskey and still vote against them, you should not be in politics.”  Too bad the first part of that saying is not true.  Seems that several Republican Senators who took political contributions from the pharmaceutical industry are balking at voting for a bipartisan bill that tries to lower prescription drug prices.  And many of those balking are vunerable Senate Republicans in the 2020 Elections.

GOP Sens. Thom Tillis (N.C.), Martha McSally (Ariz.), Cory Gardner (Colo.) and Joni Ernst (Iowa), who all face potentially tough races next year, have either expressed concerns about the legislation or declined to back it. Sen. Susan Collins (Maine) is the lone vulnerable Republican to endorse the measure.

Senators who haven't supported the bill are highlighting the bind they face. On the one hand, the bill has the support of President Trump, and lowering drug prices is a popular issue with voters. But on the other hand, supporting the bill breaks with GOP orthodoxy and invites a backlash from both conservatives and the pharmaceutical industry.

The most controversial provision for Republicans requires drug companies to pay money back to Medicare if their prices rise faster than inflation, something some Republicans view as too close to a “price control.”

Yeah, that is the whole idea behind the bill.  

Now, The Hill seems a little surprised that even though this bill has backing from Trump Republican Senators are not falling in line.  Maybe those Republican Senators know what most of us have obsevered for a while now?  Trump is a walking Mt. Everest of ignorance, especially when it comes to any bills that Congress is dealing with.  And Trump is lazy as all get out.   It’s not like this bill has money for a wall along the Mexican border.  I’m betting Senate Republicans figure to roll Trump on this issue.  

According to the article, all that Trump has done on this issue is Tweet about it.  Real arm twisting there Dude.  Trump will now go back to trying to deal with his forthcoming impeachment.

On a more serious note, this is another shining example of why we can’t have good things.  Politicians who take corporate donations will always end up doing what their corporate donors want.  This is true of any politician.  It’s why I am jaded and cynical when I hear some politician deny that corporate donations sway their votes.

But if this bill fails to pass the Senate, you can add this to the list of things that Democrats running against incumbent Republicans Senators can bring up in their campaign ads.