Republican Senator John Barrasso gives perfect evidence of Republicans’ bad faith

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This is perfect.  Here is Republican Senator John Barrasso on January 22nd, dismissing the House Managers’ case and opposing the call for taking additional evidence:
We’ve just come out listening to, what, six hours of testimony, and I didn’t hear anything new,” Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) told reporters early Wednesday evening. “It still seems to me that this was an effort by the Democrats, in a very partisan way, to bring a case against President Trump because they didn’t like the outcome of the 2016 election.”
Here is Senator Barrasso last night dismissing the significance of the new bombshell video of Trump meeting with Parnas and ordering the removal of the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine (Marie Yovanovitch):
“There will be new evidence every day.  There will be something new that comes out every day.”
To some extent I think it’s appropriate and poetic that many  Republican senators are not even trying to hide their own corruption. Whoever votes again for senators like John Barrasso deserve our equal contempt. And the rest of us should clearly know what we are up against.
Also, note in his first quote above that he refers to the lawyers’ argument as “six hours of testimony.” This is another deliberate lie by a senator who wants to be deeply complicit in hiding actual evidence. So now you know the next false argument: “By now, we’ve already had days of testimony.”  
Senator Barrasso, you are dishonest and dishonorable.

  • January 26, 2020