A Hodas & Associates Poll, just released, shows Joe Biden with big leads in Michigan and Wisconsin and a smaller lead in Pennsylvania despite apparently being designed to damage Biden and Democrats by asking leading questions.


New battleground polls from Hodas & Associates, a Republican polling firm:

While most of the questions are straightforward enough asking who the voter supports, three of the questions are clearly meant to create a favorable storyline supporting Donald Trump. These questions are likely why website 538 does not include this poll, though they have sometimes included Hodas & Associate Polls, including polls on June 25 with the same states.

Hodas & Associate Polls July 17th 2020

FITNESS. Do you believe Joe Biden is fully up the task mentally and physically to handle the duties of president of the United States?

DEM. Do you believe Democratic governors and other Democratic leaders will support policies in coming weeks that purposely harm the economy in order to make it more difficult for President Trump to be re-elected in November?

10. Do you think it was fair or unfair that Democrat President Obama’s administration investigated and surveilled Republican Donald Trump as both a presidential candidate and president-elect for allegedly colluding with Russia

For the record, in Michigan, 47% of voters think Biden is up to the task while 43% do not. Likewise, 47% of voters say Democrat leaders will not harm the economy  to hurt Trump while 39.8% say they will. And 45.6% thought the Obama Administration acted fairly as opposed to 38.7% who did not.

Some of the Hodas Polls results will definitely not be featured in Trump ads. When Michigan voters were asked about Trump’s handling of the pandemic, they disapproved by 60.3% to 36.3%. When it came to a question about strength of character and integrity, Michigan voters preferred Biden by 56% to 36.5%. Voters in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania were asked the same questions.

Hodas & Associate Polls Jul 20th 2020

Hodas & Associate Polls July 22nd 2020

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