Republican Kevin McCarthy warns Trump the latest attempt to kill Obamacare is a huge mistake

Once again Trump has stepped on his own dictatorship.

Now Republicans are frustrated with the wobbly orange Jell-O mold over his Justice Department’s decision to support removing Obamacare root and branch. Because, you know, people have already pretty much made up their minds on this, and they don’t agree with the GOP.


[House Minority Leader Kevin] McCarthy told Trump over the phone that the decision made no sense — especially after Democrats killed Republicans in the midterms in part over the issue of pre-existing conditions, according to two sources familiar with their recent conversation. As Bloomberg’s Sahil Kapur points out — health care was the top issue for 2018 midterm voters, and voters who cared most about health care favored Democrats over Republicans by more than 50 percentage points.

The big picture: McCarthy is far from alone in his view. Multiple GOP sources — from the most conservative to the most moderate wing of the party — have told Axios that they can’t fathom why the president would want to re-litigate an issue that has been a clear loser for Republicans.

They can’t fathom why Trump would do this? Have they ever met the guy?

  1. He has a vendetta against anything Barack Obama ever touched.
  2. He can’t help but take a rare favorable news cycle and crap all over it.
  3. He’s a shit-slurping moron.
  4. He doesn’t have a clue about health care policy or how to create it, and so …
  5. He doesn’t realize that trying to craft a new health care bill that protects people with preexisting conditions and is somehow more conservative than Obamacare is essentially impossible.

Oh, and then there’s this:

They’re also exasperated about Trump’s substance-free declaration that Republicans will become “The Party of Healthcare.” Republicans aren’t united on health care, and they have been unable to advance a replacement for the ACA.

Yup, we’ve seen this movie before, and it was Battlefield Earth. Republicans struggled to craft a health care bill that accomplished anything other than pissing off old ladies. In the end, they fell flat on their smug faces.

If you ever wonder about Trump’s motivation for something, Occam’s razor can always be applied: He’s a megalomaniacal moron who cares less about good policy and people’s welfare than sticking it to his enemies. Mystery solved.


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