Republican MSNBC Host Nicolle Wallace could not hold back her exasperation with Donald Trump. She decimated both the president and his administration.

Republican Host has had it with Trump

Watch the entire episode here.

“When Americans are asked to make among the most important and difficult decisions of their lives in the coming weeks and months,” Nicolle Wallace said. “They are going to have to decide whether to go and see elderly parents, whether to put their kids back in school, whether to go back into the workplace. And it would be a luxury I should note for any of those decisions to be a choice. A lot of people would be pushed into those.”

Wallace then gets exasperated showing a deep sense of frustration.

“Where do we look,” she says as if throwing her hands up in the air. “We have a White House that is what it is. We have a liar-in-chief who’s pushed hoax treatments, who’s diminished his scientists. We have a VP who for some reason doesn’t wear a mask because it obscures his vision or something. I mean, WHERE DO WE TURN!”

Nicolle Wallace‘s exasperation is the one I see when I talk to many of my listeners. They feel that they have limited options and cannot understand the large cult that follows such a flawed president.

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