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Republican governor: 'The president abused his powers' and shouldn't be in office

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Republican officeholders with integrity are rarer than unicorns, or bigfoot, or bigfoot riding a unicorn. 

But they are, apparently, out there. And they stand out like a sore thumb.

The latest to make his voice heard is Vermont Gov. Phil Scott, who said at a press conference the day after Donald Trump’s “acquittal” that the pr*sident should have been bounced from office.

“If they'd taken more testimony, maybe they'd have had more information and maybe other senators would have acted appropriately,” Scott said.

Ha ha ha ha ha! Interesting theory, Phil Scott! And maybe I’ll fart out the Archangel Gabriel in a bathroom stall at Long John Silver’s and he’ll grant me three wishes.

When asked if he’d have voted to convict Trump, Scott demurred, stressing that he wasn’t a member of the Senate. But he added, “I believe that the president abused his powers. It’s hard, in some respects for me, because I’m not a supporter. … I didn’t vote for the president, and I don’t believe that he should be in office.”

Back in September, Scott was the first Republican governor to endorse an impeachment inquiry.

While Trump can’t fire Scott, like he did American patriot Alexander Vindman, and he can’t relentlessly harass him, like he’ll almost certainly do to Mitt Romney, one can only assume the pr*sident is ordering horse heads by the gross, and when the shipping container finally arrives from China, he’ll send one Scott’s way.

Because, you know, mobsters are gonna do mobster shit. And they now run the U.S. government. 

Enjoy that, jabronis.

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