The Rotten Core of the Republican Party -Binyamin Appelbaum -NYT

Representative Kevin McCarthy of California, the top House Republican, recently took to social media to warn that Democrats have hatched a dastardly plot. “Democrats,” he said, “want to track every penny you earn so they can then tax you and your family at the maximum possible amount.”

Well, yes. Democrats want Americans to pay the full amount they owe in taxes.

 I thought that was the whole point of the IRS.

Republicans have hacked away at funding for the Internal Revenue Service over the past decade, enfeebling the agency. When the rich and powerful open loopholes in the tax code, Republicans reliably fight to keep the loopholes open. Indeed, they valorize Americans who find ways to pay less, a normalization of antisocial behavior that may be even more damaging than the efforts at bureaucratic sabotage.

Legalizing systematic corruption.

The Democratic proposal targeted by Mr. McCarthy — in the video he posted online, he calls it “un-American” — would make it harder for wealthy people to cheat on their taxes.

If the wealthy actually paid what was due, the system that made them wealthy in the first place would be strengthened.

Having failed to constrain government spending through the democratic process, they are seeking to undermine government.

Mr. McCarthy is right to frame a fairly technical change in tax rules as an issue that goes to the heart of American democracy. Democracies impose higher taxes than other forms of government because democracies are communities of common purpose. We create and maintain our society through our contributions.

Or we don’t. And things fall apart.

Democracy in the US is clinging on by its fingernails, Republicans have tried to kill it for decades and the methods they have employed are by normalizing lying and cheating and this is not limited just to taxes.

The richest will whine about taxes and support a whole tax avoidance industry, yet they will also be first in line for subsidies for their pet industries. When it all goes pear shaped, they will expect to be bailed out by a government they refused to fund.

They also promoted the misnamed “right to work” fantasy by shipping out well-paid manufacturing jobs, replacing it with the low pay service sector.

They complain that they pay the most taxes yet the only reason for this is that they have profited the most by squeezing the system for every penny it is worth whilst impoverishing millions.

The next time a multimillionaire mocks you with “I’m so smart I didn’t have to pay taxes” I suggest they be pelted with rotten fruit.

  • October 25, 2021
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