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Republican Convention planners, so naive or really want to destroy the country.

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Trump wanting to be so mask free and wanting his own way, Florida is going to be a nightmare I predict come August.

Ron Desantis is so naive that he thinks the Republican Convention will bring prosperty and money into Florida’s economy at the risk of killing the state.   I have no inside information, this is just common sense and a hunch.  

Add these things up and tell me what you think.  This state is the WORST state to hold a convention in 2020.

#1.   People from Georgia, come from Atlanta and other areas to one of two places in Florida in overwhelming numbers.  Panama City is one city on the border of Alabama and Georgia and the other is Jacksonville  coming from those areas.   

#2.   The Covid 19 is spiking like crazy all over Florida and by August who knows where it will be.

#3.    Hurricane season started in June.   We have at least 9 named hurricanes predicted for this season.  August is the big time for hurricanes.

#4.   There is no order for masks in Florida statewide.

#5.   There is no medicaid expansion and many people get sick here without seeing a doctor so who knows how large of a spike we really have or will have.

#6.. There  was so much  trouble with unemployment issued due to either incompetence or web issues from the state website causing anger and poverty widespread.  There are still problems.

#7..There is a lot of anger in this state.  There is anger and there is hate.  Florida went for Obama twice and contrary to the bubble Trump lives in, this is one fed up state  and not all people here are republican and it is hotter than Hell here right now.  What do you think August heat will bring?  Today and yesterday, the heat index is and was 110.   

#8…  This is one gun totin state.   Guns everywhere.

#9… People are unemployed and hungry.

#10. I have no doubt that the National Guard will be at that convention.   Did the Trump campaign actually think the people who have protested all over the world and recently in Atlanta in large numbers are not going to travel to Jax to protest the republicans regarding Police reform?

This is just a few things I can name with a Jacksonville, Florida convention.

I predict the Jax convention will make the 1968 Chicago convention look like a picnic.  I also think the starry eyed DeSantis and Trump thinking unicorns and all of Florida is peace loving and safe is dreaming.   If there ever was an explosive situation, this is it.  One man does not want to safely distance or wear a mask, he is endangering not only an entire state but what goes on in Florida does not stay in Florida, so the country is in danger… BIG TIME.

He is building it and they will come, I predict.   The rabid cult like following of the republican party and the people tired of the rabid cult like following.    I hope my hunch is wrong.   I actually hope a Hurricane hits before the convention.  A hurricane, we could recover from, this thing, I don’t know.

The Republican Convention 2020 is a Devil’s brew.  It will bubble over.

Look at some of these things.

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Early season heat – a heat index of 95° – 100° will impact people in May and June or with the first few occurrences, where as later in the summer (August) it may take a heat index of 100° – 105° for the same effect. People modify their behavior after being affected by it and are less likely to be impacted again.
May 21, 2020 An above-normal 2020 Atlantic hurricane season is expected, according to forecasters with NOAA's Climate Prediction Center, a division of the National Weather Service. … An average hurricane season produces 12 named storms, of which 6 become hurricanes, including 3 major hurricanes.May 21, 2020…

The party’s decision to move most of the RNC from Charlotte with less than three months to go was already a risky gambit, showing the importance of Florida for President Donald Trump’s reelection chances. But could holding such a massive event backfire in the middle of the pandemic and with nationwide demonstrations against police brutality?…

The possibility of protests have more than a few concerned.

News4Jax Crime and Safety expert Ken Jefferson, who was a police officer for more than 20 years, said the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office would get help, both local and national on that front.

“These conventions always draw protesters,” Jefferson said. “Most of the time they are peaceful protesters with signs and chanting and cheering and things like that. For this particular type of protest, there’s not very much marching going on, so they can contain it a little bit better but JSO is going to have a lot of help with that.”

Protests in Jacksonville in the past.…

4 racial protests and riots from Jacksonville's past

The protests and riots taking place across the country following the murder of George Floyd are nothing new. Neither is the simple request by people of color to be treated equally and to be allowed an inclusive seat at the table of economic opportunity. Here are a few examples from Jacksonville’s past showing that the fight to suppress and eliminate institutional racism has and will always be part of the city’s legacy.

Add all of the above and a Trump and cult like following…This I predict will be a mess.  I think the odds are that many will get sick, hurt and die.   

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