Trump wanting to be so mask free and wanting his own way, Florida is going to be a nightmare I predict come August.

Ron Desantis is so naive that he thinks the Republican Convention will bring prosperty and money into Florida’s economy at the risk of killing the state.   I have no inside information, this is just common sense and a hunch.  

Add these things up and tell me what you think.  This state is the WORST state to hold a convention in 2020.

#1.   People from Georgia, come from Atlanta and other areas to one of two places in Florida in overwhelming numbers.  Panama City is one city on the border of Alabama and Georgia and the other is Jacksonville  coming from those areas.   

#2.   The Covid 19 is spiking like crazy all over Florida and by August who knows where it will be.

#3.    Hurricane season started in June.   We have at least 9 named hurricanes predicted for this season.  August is the big time for hurricanes.

#4.   There is no order for masks in Florida statewide.

#5.   There is no medicaid expansion and many people get sick here without seeing a doctor so who knows how large of a spike we really have or will have.

#6.. There  was so much  trouble with unemployment issued due to either incompetence or web issues from the state website causing anger and poverty widespread.  There are still problems.

#7..There is a lot of anger in this state.  There is anger and there is hate.  Florida went for Obama twice and contrary to the bubble Trump lives in, this is one fed up state  and not all people here are republican and it is hotter than Hell here right now.  What do you think August heat will bring?  Today and yesterday, the heat index is and was 110.   

#8…  This is one gun totin state.   Guns everywhere.

#9… People are unemployed and hungry.