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Republican Congressman Barr of KY Hopes for “The Art of The Deal” with Tariffs.

The Financial Times has this article about the bourbon industry in Kentucky and Trump’s trade war with the rest of the world.  And Kentucky Republicans, especially Congressman Barr from the 6th Congressional District, needs some drug testing:

Mr. Barr, who has lobbied everyone from Steve Mnuchin, Treasury Secretary, to Mike Pence, the vice-president, hopes that there is an element of “The Art of the Deal” to the way that Mr. Trump is handling the issue.

Barr is in a district with a Cook Partisan Voter Index of R+9.  To win this district will require some serious effort, but it is not outside the realm of possibility either.  Barr won election to the 6th back in 2012.  Before that, there was a conservative Democrat by the name of Chandler.  

But a number of distilleries are in – what for it – the Lexington area that Barr represents.  And because bourbon needs to be aged, distillers need to plan years in advance their inventories.  Getting hit with a 25% tariff is not something that the smaller disilleries planned on.

According to Democratic Lexington Mayor Jim Gray, large distillers are hoping that Trump is just being “impetuous” and will “do an about face” on tariffs.  While the large distillers may be able to survive Trump’s trade war, the smaller distillers are not happy campers.  Everyone got used to an expanding bourbon market over the last few years, and now, Trump is threatening all of that.

However, most Trump supporters do not want to admit that Trump is incompetent and dangerous.  Does Barr even know that Trump did not write “The Art of the Deal”?   Tony Schwarz, Trump’s ghostwriter, recently said that Trump doesn’t even know how to read a book.

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And in case you thought that Barr was alone in his delusions or spinelessness when it comes to Trump’s trade war, well, OK.  No on Daily Kos is surprised to learn that Kentucky Republicans are not going to do shit to stop Trump and are as silent as the proverbial tomb.

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