Reporter's attempt to corner WH Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Biden's bipartisanship fails miserably

The mainstream media as usual allows the Right to dictate the narrative. Jen Psaki dispatched this reporter on his McConnell-induced question perfectly.

Jen Psaki dispatches the reporter’s silly bipartisan question.

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Recently Mitch McConnell, in an effort to disparage President Joe Biden, claimed that he had barely spoken to the President since January 20.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said on Wednesday that he’s barely spoken to President Biden since the Jan. 20 inauguration, accusing the White House of shifting to the “hard left.”

“I don’t believe I’ve spoken with him since he was sworn in,” McConnell said during an interview with Fox News, adding that he hadn’t been invited to the White House either. …

McConnell used the Fox News interview on Wednesday to drive home his view that he doesn’t believe Biden, whom he worked within the Senate, is being bipartisan.

“I haven’t been invited to the White House, so far this administration is not interested in doing anything on a bipartisan basis in the political center,” McConnell said.

“There’s been no efforts whatsoever by the president or the administration to do anything in the political center. It’s been trying to jam through everything on the hard left,” McConnell added.

As usual, the mainstream media allowed the Right to drive the narrative. A “brave” reporter decided to challenge Biden’s bipartisanship. Jen Psaki was ready for the question with a simple yet profound answer.

“His definition of bipartisanship has always been working on behalf of the American people,” Jen Psaki said. “And governing for all people whether its Democrats, Republican, Independents, and moving forward on proposals and policies that will make their lives better.”

When that complete answer was not enough for the reporter, who then blurted out, “With or without Republicans votes,” her answer knocked it out of the park.

“He doesn’t believe that bipartisanship is defined by the zip code here,” Psaki replied. “He believes it’s on how we can deliver relief to the American people.”

In other words, to hell with Republican politicians who really care little about their own constituents. We care. And we will deliver.

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  • March 24, 2021
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