I don’t know why this hasn’t been happening for five years now, but thank you, thank you, thank you Paula Reid.

I’m sure you’ve heard the one about Donald Trump passing the Veterans Choice Act, which no other president could do for 50 years except, it turns out, Barack Obama, who actually signed it in 2014. And not only that, the law — which gives veterans the option of seeking care outside the VA system — was championed by Trump’s two favorite people, Crazy Bernie Sanders and Loser John McCain.

Well, a tough, intelligent woman reporter — the kind Donald Trump likes the mostest! — just called him out on this fairy tale, which, as CNN notes, Trump has told some version of more than 150 times. And, as usual, he acted like a diaper rash with a baby attached to it.


What Trump signed was a 2018 law, the VA MISSION Act, that modified and expanded the eligibility criteria from the Choice program. Rather than tout that bill, Trump has claimed over and over that he created Veterans Choice itself — after others had failed for “50 years.”
“Why do you keep saying that you passed Veterans Choice?” CBS News White House correspondent Paula Reid asked Trump at the Saturday news conference, during which Trump announced executive actions on coronavirus relief.

As Trump tried to call on another reporter instead, Reid continued, “You said that you passed Veterans Choice. It was passed in 2014…it was a false statement, sir.”
Trump paused, then responded: “OK. Thank you very much, everybody.” He then walked away as the song “YMCA” played.

“YMCA” is appropriate, because it always makes me think of a bunch of dumb, intoxicated white assholes who think they’re God’s gift to America abso-fuck-lutely ruining everything. (Full disclosure: I myself am an intoxicated white at-least-quasi-asshole.)

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