Reporter attempts to blame MLB economic impact to Georgia on Biden. Jen Psaki made her look silly

Reporter attempts to blame MLB economic impact to Georgia on Biden. Jen Psaki made her look silly

A mainstream media reporter asked a Fox News-like question by blaming Biden for the MLB boycott’s economic impact. Jen Psaki responded well.

Jen Psaki makes MLB question seem as petty as it was

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It is hard to understand why the mainstream media believe they have something to prove to Fox News or the Trump viewer. President Joe Biden is not perfect. But in his first two months, he has proven to be a competent president. That reality is clearly seen in the polls.

Too often, however, we get mainstream reporters who are attempting to out-Fox News, Fox News. When they do it, unfortunately, it not only makes them look silly, they join the narrative from which to build the manufactured angst that can devolve into acts like the January 6th insurrection.

It is great that the President has a very effective White House spokesperson in Jen Psaki, who continues to swat down otherwise good journalists, like pesky flies. It is hard to believe the question was serious.

The reporter asked Jen Psaki if the president should have stayed out of commenting about the MLB moving the All-Star Game out of Georgia. Worse, she implied that the economic impact could be blamed on Joe Biden.

The question is outright silly and tries to assign blame in all the wrong places. Georgia passed a law to suppress votes. Pressure from activists forced the private sector, the free market, to act accordingly. And they acted.

Jen Psaki made sure to point all of that out as she once again castigates Georgia’s voter suppression law. By now, it should be clear to reporters that this president, through his press secretary, is not scared to move in a manner that most Americans agree with.

The press is getting the many briefings one should expect from the presidency. Unfortunately, they are not living up to their job. A recent admonition by Jennifer Rubin was very well deserved. Imagine a conservative commentator given “the liberal media”: hell for wronging a Democratic President.

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  • April 6, 2021
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