Report: Trump needs big, colorful pictures to pay attention to hurricane

Deep within a Thursday Washington Post story about Donald Trump’s hog feces lagoon of a tweet on Hurricane Maria we find this revealing gem:

Trump’s aides said they have tried to focus the president’s attention on Florence, noting that he has been engaged in daily disaster briefings and called governors, senators and other officials representing North Carolina and South Carolina. Officials have brought large, colored charts and graphs into the Oval Office to illustrate Florence’s dangerous path for Trump, who is a visual learner. And the president made a rare trip outside, to visit the staff of the National Security Council’s resilience office housed across the street in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

“Visual learner” is a really polite way of saying “callow shit-for-brains.” Congratulations, Washington Post!

Also, Trump’s aides have tried to focus the president’s attention on Florence? Huh? The president of the United States wants to focus on something else right now? It’s not like you can put Hurricane Florence on a SpongeBob Squarepants spoon and wave it around in front of his face while making airplane noises. So if he’s not fully focused on it yet, well, we’re kind of fucked.

But y’all knew that already, didn’t you?


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