Report – “Mad Dog” Mattis -“I’d kick Trump’s ass in 2020, and I just might have to!”


Honestly don’t know what to think about this report, the source, Beltway Breakfast, doesn’t seem to be into snark, but it’s reporting is not being seconded by anyone else in the media that I can find….

WASHINGTON, August 7, 2018 — Secretary of Defense James Mattis believes he would easily defeat President Donald Trump in a 2020 primary matchup and has been actively considering mounting a White House run for some time, according to sources close to the secretary.

Mattis, 67, has been weighing a run for the presidency since May of this year, when he began bankrolling the efforts of a presidential exploratory committee. (snip)]

The retired four-star Marine Corps general has recently begun speaking more openly about the possibility of challenging the president who convinced him to return to public service after six years in retirement.

Mattis, one of his senior aides said, raised the issue of his electoral potential last week during a high-level Pentagon meeting, in which he, along with 10-15 of the country’s top civilian and military defense officials, discussed ways to maintain continuity of Defense Department operations in the event that Mattis abruptly resigns or is fired from the cabinet.

“I’d kick Trump’s ass in 2020, and I just might have to!” Mattis said, according to a source.

The reporter, Andrew Feinberg, was, for a time employed by Sputnik, and was there when the Russian news agency applied for White House Press Corps credentials.

He split with Sputnik in May, 2017 over their insistence that he cover the Seth Rich conspiracy theory.

So, my question to you, dear reader, is Mattis so disgusted with Trump that he will take him on in the Republican Primary in 2020?

If he does he appears to have some support:


Or is this just a clever ad campaign for cheap wine?