Hating Hillary can get weird. Way weird.

It's rooted in hate-the-bxtch whining. A concentrated analog of Limbaugh's blame-the-Libruls whining schtick. Far as I can tell, this is not because of her husband.

Unlike Lyndon Johnson, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, Bill Clinton utterly, totally failed to lie us into a ruinous war. (Reagan enabled the Iran-Iraq War. At least 600,000 died after Saddam got Ronnie's green light in 1981.) Bill Clinton also did what he could for the Middle Class, excepting the one capital gains tax cut.

His wife, Hillary, supported every major Clinton initiative. So of course there are people who hate Hillary. No good deed goes unpunished-undenied-unslimed. Nothing that makes democracy better passes uncursed.

America's government is there to be hated.

Hillary didn't dump Bill when he got his johnson polished. Unforgiveable.

Then we get to DKOS. Comments on the recent “She Left Me For Dead” diary show us let's-elect-democrats kossacks be not all that immune to the crazy:

— “No one I know, female or male, young or old, trusts her.”

— “I'm going to hold my nose & vote for Hillary.”

— “I just read somewhere today that her approval rating is dropping. Not surprising given the e-mail debacle.”

— “She relied on focus groups and polls before making a decision on anything. There was no moral center.”

And the assumption that everything about Hillary… attacks Hillary is the default.  

The Interview

This parody piece “She Left Me For Dead” is a one-pager written up as an interview with a cigarette-smoking black cat. Sox, the White House cat. The action of the parody mangles the story line of the RWNJ's Vince Foster “murder” slander.

Sox the Cat survives a Hillary Clinton assassination attempt. As Vince Foster did not.

What the piece parodies is maybe 5% Bill and Hillary Clinton and 95% the raving madness of RWNJ obsessions. Vince Foster, the Monica Lewinsky dalliance, the invented fakery of the Clintons' marriage. The language of the parody reflects RWNJ envy of the Clinton's success: readers are asked to be willing to believe anything.

Like Obama was born in Kenya, the Clintons only got to the White House by lying.

There's something wrong with all of them.

And on and on it goes. How far gone into madness do we get before we realize what is happening? How infected with RWNJ memes to suspend disbelief for a cat-as-Vince-Foster story line?

[HINT: Imagine Limbaugh doing the cat lines.]

Read the parody… below the fold… and don't be afraid to laugh. I do think the jokes are funny. Enjoy!

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