replace your divots: Trump wants more street violence to gas, so Albert Pike will get re-erected

Made to order for whenever the national guard(s) and whatever federal riot squads are ready in DC to trash BLM demonstrators. Heck, the RWNJs could recruit anti-freemasonists to take this sculpture down, once the NPS puts it back up. Even the RCP has led a street demo against this sculpture.

This resurrection is Trump’s virtue signal to the “very fine people” on the side of the Unite the Right protests because of Albert Pike’s KKK involvement. #BunkerBoy is also a Pin-Boy.

Trump personally called Interior Department Secretary David Bernhardt and asked that the Park Service put back up a statue of Albert Pike, a Confederate general.

Three civil rights leaders, James Bevel, Amelia Boynton Robinson, Hosea Williams, dressed the statue in KKK gear

President Trump personally requested that a toppled statue in Washington, D.C., be restored after it was torn down late last week, according to multiple reports, as he digs in in his fight to protect controversial monuments that he deems important to the nation's “heritage.”

Trump called Interior Secretary David Bernhardt after demonstrators in the nation's capital pulled down the statue of Confederate Gen. Albert Pike, CNN and NBC reported.

The White House declined to comment on the record.

“It is the intent of the National Park Service to mitigate any damage to any statue, monument, or memorial damaged due to any criminal activity,” Alexandra Picavet, acting chief spokesperson for the National Park Service, said in a statement when asked whether Trump had reached out to Bernhardt about the Pike statue.…



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