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Rep. Paul Gosar's siblings call for his ouster in wake of Capitol riot

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Donald Trump

To be fair, if I were in Congress, some of my siblings would be calling for my removal pretty much every day. And they’d pull out all the stops. No doubt they’d release photos of me sitting naked in the tub with my boats, having just made a boom-boom of some import. Sadly, these photos would not be from my childhood, but what can you do? This is just one of the many, many reasons I have not run for Congress.

That said, Republican Rep. Paul Gosar is a member of that esteemed body, and his siblings think that’s horseshit, particularly in the wake of last Wednesday’s Treasonpalooza. 


“The message to my brother is that, you know, he must resign, if not be expelled, from Congress,” Jennifer Gosar told CNN's Alisyn Camerota.

“The point in time to reach my brother, I think that's been past. I know that at this point, the most that we can do as citizens, as constituents, as the public, demand that the members of Congress involved be held accountable, and that includes expulsion,” she added. “To my brother, I think the time is up. It's time to acknowledge the hurt and the hate.”

And Gosar is not just any Republican. He’s a faithful Trump toady who appears to have had his grubby fingers all over this insurrection.

Paul Gosar, a staunch Trump ally, has been one of the lawmakers identified by far-right activist Ali Alexander as being instrumental in helping plan the January 6 insurrection.

Alexander, who has identified himself as the individual who came up with the idea of storming of the Capitol, has told the press that he was regularly in contact with Paul Gosar, as well as Republican Representatives Andy Briggs and Mo Brooks.

And it’s not just Rep. Gosar’s sister who is on the eject-Paul bandwagon. His brother Tim has also piled on.

Tim, who said his brother “played a big role” in the Capitol riot, said that the congressman has “lost sight of what character and integrity mean.”

“He peddles in rumor, he peddles in propaganda and he lies consistently to the American people and to his constituents,” Tim added.

Of course, Rep. Gosar has run afoul of his siblings before. When he ran for reelection in 2018, six of his siblings participated in a campaign to defeat him. Because, you know, he’s awful.

Again, given the political leanings of my family, this could happen to me, too, but then I haven’t been trying to overthrow the government to install a pure-id shit-pig for an illegitimate four-year term as president.

So, yeah, big difference.

No, really.

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