Received this e-mail today from Civil Rights Leader, Rep. John Lewis (D. GA-05), in support of former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign:


This President threatens the democracy I spilled blood to protect.

Since the day he took office, I've witnessed this President turn a blind eye to hatred in this nation and refuse to protect American citizens from violence and discrimination -⁠- If you’re as furious as I am, will you donate $14 to defeat him and elect Joe Biden?

After violence between neo-Nazis and good people in Charlottesville, I witnessed this President place equal blame on both sides. I simply won’t stomach that -⁠- If you can’t stomach it either, will you donate $14 and join me in helping my friend Joe Biden?

I watched this President rip newborn infants from their mothers’ arms, put them into cages, and leave them separated for weeks on end. I refuse to let his reign of terror continue -⁠- If you’re with me, and ready for change, will you donate $14 to Joe Biden?

I witnessed this President cower before a foreign adversary and invite further interference in our democratic process. I think our leaders should protect our country from all threats — foreign and domestic -⁠- Will you donate $14 to Joe Biden if you agree?

He must be stopped. And we are the only people who can stop him.

If — and only if — we band together, will we elect Joe Biden and save our democracy. None of us can do it alone. I know better than anyone it takes a group of people taking a stand.

We’re fighting for the very soul of our nation. I can’t overstate the urgency of defending our democracy against this dangerous President. If you’re ready to continue the fight and elect Joe Biden, will you donate $14 and join me?

Decades after I marched in Selma, I’m watching injustice rear its ugly head again.

I didn’t shed blood on the bridge in Selma for my right to vote — just to let this President unravel all our progress.

I didn’t get beaten by angry mobs for my right to vote — just so this President could appoint a Supreme Court Justice that would eliminate our rights.

And my dear friends didn’t die in protest of inequality — just to watch this President treat our immigrant brothers and sisters like criminals.

I’ve witnessed a lot of injustice in my life — and the injustice I’ve seen under this Administration has been among the worst. I don’t say that lightly.

That’s why I am determined to do everything I can to elect Joe Biden. And I hope you are with me: Can Joe count on your $14?

Democracy depends on us,

Congressman John Lewis

Click here to donate to Biden’s campaign.

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