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Rep. Joaquin Castro (D. TX) Helps The TX Dem Party Continue To Register Record Number Of Voters

Received this e-mail from Rep. Joaquin Castro (D. TX-20) on behalf of the Texas Democratic Party:

The right to vote is fundamental to who we are as Texans and Americans. That’s why the Texas Democratic Party is rolling out a new tool called Register Texas to ensure that everyone who needs to register to vote can do so.

While absurd current rules don’t allow folks to request a mail-in ballot online, the Texas Democratic Party’s new tool will enable voters to verify their registration and request a registration form.

From there, the party will ensure that they get mailed what they need to register to vote.

Click here to check out Register Texas for yourself, and make sure to forward it to your friends and family!

Equal access to voting isn’t a Democratic or Republican issue.

We live in a democracy, and all eligible voters deserve a voice in our system. That’s why it’s so crucial that folks of both parties who believe in American democracy come together to ensure that everyone has access to voting.

Check out the Texas Democratic Party’s Register Texas site to see if you are registered to vote and request a registration form if you need one.

We’re in this together,


Click here to register to vote.