Rep. Ilhan Omar responds to vicious Trump tweet with sweet burn about his taxes


Trump has always brayed like a dopey ass on Twitter, but in the wake of the seismic New York Times report about the ocher abomination’s taxes, the rejoinders kind of write themselves.

In other words, Trump is a risible fool who pays just $750 a year in federal taxes. Seven-hundred and fifty doll hairs. That barely covers the annual federal outlay for wet-vaccing the McNugget sauces out from under his moobs. He really is costing us a fuck-ton of money, isn’t he?

Anyway, here’s Rep. Ilhan Omar, responding to some bullshit from the always desperately dishonest Project Veritas:





Obama drops the mic

Thanks, Congresswoman. You’ve said it all.

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  • September 28, 2020