Rep. Conor Lamb (D. PA) Helps Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald (D. PA) Win Re-Election


Received this e-mail from Rep. Conor Lamb (D. PA-17) in support of Chief Executive of Allegheny County Rich Fitzgerald’s (D. PA) re-election campaign:

Rich Fitzgerald had a simple reason for getting involved in municipal government back in the 1990s: he saw too many of Allegheny County’s best and brightest leaving the communities where they grew up because they couldn’t find good jobs and didn’t see a future for themselves in their own hometowns. As the father of eight, Rich wanted his kids and all young people in our region to grow up in a place that offered more opportunities.

Rich has been a dedicated public servant ever since. He fights for you and your job and your family just like he fights for his own, and he’s gotten a lot done for us in Allegheny County.

As County Executive, Rich brings people together to work with each other and take on tough problems — elected officials at all levels of government in both parties, leaders in business and labor, community leaders, nonprofits, and more. Under Rich’s leadership, the Pittsburgh area is seeing more jobs, better jobs, and the lowest levels of unemployment in years. Our economy is growing, we’re attracting new businesses and new talent, and we’re investing in our workers. Just last year, CNBC ranked Pittsburgh the number one city in the country for young people, based on job opportunities, affordability and livability.

Rich knows there’s a lot more work to do to keep building a fair economy that works for everyone in our county. Too many communities aren’t seeing equal levels of investment and opportunity. Too many of our roads and bridges are crumbling, which costs us business and costs us jobs.

I know that Rich is focused on these problems and will bring people together to keep finding solutions and making progress. That’s why I’m supporting him in his campaign for re-election this November, and I hope you’ll support him too.

Rich is running to keep building on our success and making Allegheny County a place where everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed. Join me in supporting his campaign by contributing $10 or whatever you can afford today.

Thank you,


Click here to donate to Fitzgerald's campaign.

  • April 26, 2019