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Remember Trump's crime spree by the theft of information as tall as the Washington Memorial

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There will be plenty of memorials to the Trump reign, but the most significant one will be the betrayal of democracy. It raises the matter of Washington Monument sized piles of information stolen from the US government. But maybe he’ll be remembered for promising some of his advisors that “he will refuse to leave White House”.


The latest entry for the Trump presidential* Library is a website that is nothing if but comprehensive including the memorial to the now 305,000 dead. It too will eventually be a grift.


What Presidential Crime Commission will investigate the corruption of the Trump regime.



THE DISCLOSURE from software vendor SolarWinds that “fewer than 18,000 customers” were compromised by a Russian hack announced this week was apparently meant to be reassuring — a sign of just how big and just how bad this attack is. Responsible officials must explain how it happened, as well as how they plan to prevent such a thing from happening again.

Several federal agencies are already confirmed victims of the digital spying campaign carried out by Vladimir Putin’s government, which denies the incursion. That includes the Departments of Defense, State, Homeland Security, Treasury and Commerce, as well as the National Institutes of Health. This is only the worst we are aware of so far: SolarWinds services 300,000 clients, and the state hackers known as APT29 or Cozy Bear, who wormed their way in by disguising the incursion in otherwise legitimate software updates, may have unfettered access to as many of their systems as it wishes.

Damage control to contain the attack and to rebuild networks now that they’re infiltrated is essential. Yet it’s also essential to hold accountable those who were supposed to protect those networks, and who failed. The Stanford Internet Observatory’s Alex Stamos recommended in a Post opinion column the creation of an investigative board that tracks attacks, learns lessons and issues public recommendations. It’s a good idea that could improve how third-party vendors are vetted nationwide, especially by federal agencies who have done a poor job managing their supply chains. But the questions for the government here are also bigger.


Trump’s Mar-a-Lago is definitely not Citizen Kane’s Xanadu or even Hearst’s San Simeon. But Trump will be synonymous with Russian crimes.

A US investigation determined the height of the documents stolen – if printed out and piled up – would be three times the height of the Washington Monument in the nation’s capital.

In this case “several Washington Monument piles of documents that they took from different government agencies is probably a realistic estimate”,


Some of America’s most deeply held institutional secrets may have been stolen in a large hacking operation being blamed on elite Russian government operatives.

Intrigue surrounds what may have been exposed, from nuclear secrets to Covid-19 vaccine data to next-generation weapons systems.

On Sunday, the Texas company SolarWinds alerted thousands of customers that an “outside nation state” had found a back door into software tool utilized by some of the biggest government agencies and companies in the United States.

It will take weeks or even years for digital sleuths. These hackers are consummate professionals at covering their tracks, experts said. Some theft may never be detected.

But the campaign – which cybersecurity experts said exhibits the tactics and techniques of Russia’s SVR foreign intelligence agency – will rank among the most prolific in the annals of cyber espionage.

US government agencies, including the treasury and commerce departments, were among dozens of high-value public and private sector targets known to have been infiltrated as far back as March through a commercial software update distributed to thousands of SolarWinds clients worldwide.…


“Trump has told some advisers he will refuse to leave White House”


A point in favor of “delusional” comes via CNN, which reports that Trump not only insists he actually won the 2020 election but has maintained at times that he will not vacate the premises on January 20, when his term ends. “In his moments of deepest denial,” it reports, “Trump has told some advisers that he will refuse to leave the White House on Inauguration Day, only to be walked down from that ledge.”

To be perfectly clear about this, Trump 100 percent will leave the White House on Inauguration Day, if not well before. Even the scholars who expressed the deepest fears of Trump’s intentions to undermine the system did not put credence in the possibility he could defy the outcome by simply refusing to leave. Squatting is not one of the tools in his authoritarian tool kit.

And yet the fact that he has apparently convinced himself that his struggle to overturn the election is not only legitimate but viable enough that he can potentially stay in office is a sign that he is engaged in more than a scheme to grift his supporters and maintain his financial and political band, but drinking his own poisoned Kool-Aid.…

This is apparently a fake



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