Wow.  A corporate billionaire who thought that the federal deficit was the greatest threat to America and wanted to fix it with cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid had to end his foray into presidential politics.  Seems Howard Schultz didn’t find a mass audience for his austerity message.  But it didn’t stop him from attacking both Democrats and Republicans for political gridlock in Washington.

I know.  Howard who?  Why spend any time on this jerk?  Because this was an attempt by the Media and Third Way centrists to trash the Democratic Party, especially since it appears that the Democratic base is not buying economic austerity and pushing the Democratic establishment to acknowledge progressive policies.  Remember, CNN gave Howard Schultz a town hall to go out and blame Democrats for political gridlock and the “lack of civility” in today’s political arena.  And there were other outlets that were speculating how big a spoiler Schultz would be in 2020.

But a funny thing happened along the way.  Actual Democrats showed up to announce they were running for president, and a number of them had plans and agendas that didn’t call for protecting tax cuts to the wealthy and destroying the social safety net.  And Americans didn’t see the federal deficit as the greatest threat to the nation.  Little things like mass shootings, an unnecessary trade war that threatens the economy, attempts to destroy the ACA, and severe weather caused by global climate change happened.

There were several on Daily Kos and other websites that predicted that Howard Schultz’s campaign would end with a thud.  And they were correct.  And  there was politcal science data that clearly demonstrated that economic austerity is a loser.  

But the Media and the corporations who run them have an agenda that they are pushing, and it is keeping taxes low for the wealthy and dismantling the social safety net.  The Media embraced Schultz because he was “no longer a Democrat.”  A badge of honor!  An independent!  Someone who saw the light!  

All that BS goes with their narrative that both sides are to blame for the problems in the nation.  And even on his way off the stage, Schultz was taking swings at the Democratic Party:

Throughout the country, people continue to find new ways to address pressing issues and achieve grand goals. That’s what it means to be American. In our own communities, we don’t have to look far to see proof that empathy, respect, civility and a collaborative spirit run deep.

But not in Washington, D.C., where Democrats and Republicans have consistently put party over country, perpetuated divisiveness and gridlock, and failed to solve big problems and enact solutions on which a majority of people in both parties already agree. The American people are more united than our leaders, and we deserve better.

Democrats have put party over country?  Really?  Perpetuated divisiveness and gridlock?  

And he continues to equate progressives with Republicans:

First, despite a variety of efforts to initiate conversations about political reform, extreme voices currently dominate the national dialogue, often with a vitriol that crowds out and discourages thoughtful discussions. And despite their hunger for reform, the exhausted majority has largely tuned out of political life online and in the news, leaving the extreme voices to define the debate.

In addition, not enough people today are willing to consider backing an independent candidate because they fear doing so might lead to re-electing a uniquely dangerous incumbent president. There is considerable concern that four more years of a Trump administration pose a graver threat to our democracy than four more years of political dysfunction. I agree, but I’m also concerned that far-left policy ideas being advanced by several Democratic candidates will further alienate voters who believe those ideas will inflict more economic harm than good. The nomination of a far-left Democratic candidate could result in more votes for Trump—unless a moderate independent is also on the ballot.

Moderate independent as defined by Howard Schultz, which is a corporate agenda with a thin veener of social liberalism.

This is not the first time that economic austerity has been pushed by some in the political establishment and the Media.  And it will not be the last time either.  Republicans like Joni Ernst and others are now talking about cutting Social Security because of the rising deficit.  I suspect that the Media will try to find another white knight to appoint as the savior of America for next year.  It just won’t be a guy who makes lousy coffee is all.

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