Religious Moron in KY Who Opposes Chickenpox Vaccine Loses Again in Court.

There is this religious moron by the name of Kunkel who sued the Kentucky state health department for blocking him from going to school without getting a chickenpox vaccination.  Kunkel attends a small Catholic school, and there is a religious exemption for vaccinations.  However, the exemption also allows the health department to bar students from attending school if there is an outbreak.  Well, there has been an outbreak of chickenpox at Kunkel’s school.  Kunkel refuses to take the chickenpox vaccine because the vaccine is derived from cells of some aborted fetus way back in the day.  

Never mind that the Pope says it is OK for Catholics to get the vaccine.  This kid knows more than the Pope.

Well, Kunkel sued to get back into school.  He lost his first go round when the judge ruled that there would be no injunction to the health departments decision.  And now, a state appeals court ruled that the trial judge was correct.

By the way, dumbo got the chickenpox.