I have not gotten much work done this week. I have at least for now suspended work on my dissertation, and it was only yesterday that I again began correcting student papers (although I have stayed current on email correspondence with students and parents). I have two more classes (out of five) with which to catch up before I begin grading a complete set of tests for all my students. Tuesday was a shocker for me in many ways, even as I knew that eventually the networks and AP would call the election for the Biden-Harris ticket.

I had perhaps become too optimistic after seeing the one poll from Pinellas County about which I wrote, because if that had been correct, our side would have won FL and we would have known on Tuesday the results of the election.  Instead we saw the results of many influences, including the interference with the USPS, the impact of the pounding of socialism on S Florida Latino voters, and so on.  And yet I never doubted that we would win the Presidency.

I was not prepared for how badly we did down-ballot, and here I mean not only for dow-ballot Federal offices, but for state legislative races. While some of that may change at the margins when all mailed-in ballots are counted, there is no doubt that the failure to retake state legislative bodies is going to have a negative impact going forward, especially if the Trumpista party (I refuse to identify it as Republican in the sense that term meant for most of the years of the existence of the party since its establishment in Ripon Wisconsin in 1854) continues its scorched earth approach, as unfortunately seems likely.

So let me offer a few thoughts.  These are offered from the perspective of a 74 year old man who senses that his own productive time is coming to an end, who has a wife whose own health limits her productivity, whose primary function has been for the better part of three decades the teaching of adolescents, primarily about government and related topics, and — yes — who has been an active participant here since early in 2004.  This will be reflecting on the nation, and musing aloud about what we as a couple may do,

  • November 8, 2020