Redneck Reverie's Cliff Oxford: Why rural voters vote Trump & his thoughts on white Progressives

Cliff Oxford on why progressives don't reach rural voters

Author Cliff Oxford gives a cadre of reasons why rural voters are hard for progressive to reach and why they vote against their interests.

Cliff Oxford on the rural voters

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Joining us is Cliff Oxford, here to discuss his third book, Redneck Reverie: The Rationale for the Trump Phenomenon. which combines data-driven insights and real-life experiences to explain Donald Trump’s election to the White House and the intersection with rural cultures across America. Having lived his life among both country folk and the elite, Cliff has the exact insights needed to explain how we got here and provide guidance on the road moving forward.

We covered several topics that touched on the following.

  • Who Will the Voters That Put Trump Into Office Vote for After 2020?
  • From Country Sunshine to Community Squalor: How Did Our Rural Communities Transform Into Economic Ravines?
  • Big Checks and Jobs: The Path to Restore America’s Hope and Dignity
  • White Privilege and Rednecks: Stabbed in Back
  • Who Are the Elites Imposing Financial Virus?
  • Can a 2024 Candidate Combine the Holler and Hood Vote?

Cliff Oxford was not shy in expressing himself, which made it very clear that he is an independent thinker with no ideological constraints. Listen to the entire interview. It is worth it.

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  • January 27, 2021