Red Flags don't work obviously.. Man in Florida threatning to shoot elementary kids..not charged.

OK, this should make everyone very angry but especially those in North Central Florida and my red red county.   

Local lawmakers say they're looking to tighten up loopholes in state law after learning that a Floral City man can't be prosecuted for making multiple threats to do harm to students at two local schools.
After hearing the State Attorney’s Office won’t be prosecuting Ryan Scott Connell for threatening to “shoot up” Inverness Primary School, state Sen. Wilton Simpson, R-Trilby, and Rep. Ralph Massullo, R-Lecanto, agreed Monday that laws needs to be changed.

The reason given was, this loon never documented it in writing.  He just told some folks.  REALLY?????

Connell, 34, has an Aug. 28 hearing in felony court to go over the status of his probation violation, which stemmed from a July 31 failed drug test in Mental Health Court that reportedly spurred his anger and led him to make the threats to bailiffs and his jail psychologist.…

There are not words except people need to know about this.   So what about the FBI?  I never did quite get what happened to them not charging him.   Maybe you can figure out this insanity written up but in the meantime, I am glad my kid is not in a public school because we got some real nuts hanging low on the tree and that includes one nut giving away AR15’s on a corner street as prizes. ( Friend of Zimmerman) who owns the Florida Gun Supply Shop.  I wonder if the one threatning to kill little kids and the owner know each other.

I read this and felt like ..What about terroristic threats?  

In an Aug. 7 email, the sheriff's office had asked Shore's office to investigate whether Connell could be charged under state law forbidding “written threats to kill” or making a false bomb threat, both felonies.
In an email Thursday responding to sheriff’s-office officials, Shore said Connell’s threats don’t meet the criteria needed to charge him under either of those statutes, particularly because Connell's threats were not written, knowingly false, or posted on social media.

So what good is a Red Flag law?