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Reality TV President Trump Fires National Security Advisor John Bolton.

Trump shit-canned National Security Advisor John Bolton today:

President Trump has fired national security adviser John Bolton, the lifelong proponent of American hard power, after months of division between the men over the direction of foreign and national security policy.

Seems that Bolton and the orange ape didn’t get along.  

Bolton was Trump's third national security adviser and continued the pattern of departures by advisers who proved a bad fit for a White House led by the rare president with no prior experience with the military, national security or elected office.

This is NPR speak for Trump is waaaaaay out of his depth on national security matters.

But let us remember who John Bolton is:

Bolton, meanwhile, communicated in old-school terms to leaders in Caracas, Pyongyang and Tehran, with threats about the prospect of direct action by the U.S. military.

He displayed a legal pad that mused about sending the equivalent of an Army brigade to Venezuela's neighbor, Colombia.

During a chill in relations, Bolton couched the long-planned deployment of an aircraft carrier, the USS Abraham Lincoln, as a quick response to ostensible threats by Iran to American forces in the Middle East.

So a warmongering chicken hawk is now gone as national security adviser.  Why did Trump take him on in the first place?  Probably because he couldn’t find anyone else to take the job.  And he would have gotten the job sooner, except for one little thing:

Trump liked Bolton's TV appearances and sought his counsel unofficially before bringing him formally into the administration. It might have happened sooner but the president's hand was reportedly stayed for some time by Bolton's mustache.

Good thing we have Trump at the helm.  Obama made the U.S. look “weak.”  And everyone “disrespected us.”

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