Too many compelling arguments for defunding rather than refunding police departments, as the Aurora police seem good at arresting movie theater terrorists but crap at arresting violinists. More sad is their ability to flout authority by mocking that violinist’s death and breaking up mobs of violinists.

And then there’s the inability to identify motor vehicles, preferring instead to terrorize children rather than distinguishing between an SUV and a motorcycle from another state.. Because police professionalism seems on the wane in the wake of George Floyd, among others.

AURORA, Colo. — Police detained and handcuffed a Black mother and several children after mistaking their SUV for a stolen motorcycle from another state.

It happened in the parking lot of a shopping center off of Buckley Road and E. Iliff Avenue Sunday morning.

“Why are you now placing these children on the ground face into the concrete? It’s hot! In front of all of us? Screaming at them. They are telling you they are hurt,” witness Jenni Wurtz said.

Wurtz recorded the incident along with several other witnesses.

She says a police car slowly pulled behind the family. The officer drew their weapon on the family and ordered them out of the car. Several of the children were handcuffed.

“That makes me very mad, because I am not anti-police. I’m anti what happened yesterday, and that was ridiculous,” Wurtz said.

The car the family was driving was not stolen. Police used a license plate scanner to gather information on vehicles in the area. They should have been looking for a motorcycle with the same plate from another state.…

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